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    gloveglu Global Brand Ambassador Roy Carroll needs little introduction.

    Turning pro at 18 for Hull City, he made his International debut at 19 and, and still before his thirties, he had won the EPL and FA Cup with Manchester United having played under Sir Alex Ferguson and with legendary footballers such as David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane.

    Having played at the highest level in the game - from Champions League to the European Championships - Roy has begun a new chapter in his career as a coach.

    He sights his most influential coach from his time at Greek club Olympiacos and has an approach to coaching that is refreshing and likeable.

    His desire is for quality sessions with a small number of key learning points to be picked up in each session- his philosophy is that if you learn two new things in each session then in just 25 sessions you will have learnt 50 new things!

    Club stats courtesy of Wikipedia (as of 17-11-18)