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    It's the inevitable... you wear your goalkeeper gloves and boots every single game and so they're going to start smelling pretty quickly. You can’t control how much your hands and feet sweat, but you can fight the smell - we’ve got you.

     Our STOP ‘EM SMELLING spray is an organic odour control which works perfectly in your gloves or boots. It’s made up of self-activating organic enzymes within the spray break down sweat into odour-free water and CO2 Here’s how to use it properly:

    1. Depending on the strength of the odour, spray into each goalkeeper glove and/or boot 2 to 3 times. Make sure to hold the spray relatively close to your equipment to ensure it gets in!

    2. Allow for the goalkeeper gloves and/or boots to dry naturally - away from direct sunlight.

    3. Repeat when necessary… your personal need to use STOP ‘EM SMELLING will depend on the amount of times you use your gloves and/or boots... but we recommend after each training session or game.

    By following these steps, it will:

    • help to keep your goalkeeper gloves and boots smelling fresh
    • neutralise smells and bad odours and
    • kill germs and prevent infections

    It’s great having nice smelling gear, but what if your goalkeeper gloves start getting old and worn? Check out how to use our gloveglu and gloveglu MEGAgrip to help you!


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